Dear Cynthia,

I can truly say that this was the first time I have put Deucey in a kennel without feeling guilty! It was so nice to have peace of mind while away knowing the excellent care she was receiving. Deucey loves to run and you certainly have the space for it. I'm sure she will behappy to have another romp in the park in the future.


Mary Lou Neff


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Hello Cynthia,

Beckie here .... finally I've gotten a wee bit more settled in and feeling a lot more sane, though I still have a LOT of unpacking and organizing to do, and at least 1 to 3 more trips to make south. In preparing for this next trip you came to mind, and I wanted to be sure and follow through on the testimonial I mentioned.

Annually, I go on a two-to-three week camping trip. After having acquired an English Shepherd puppy, high energy and occasionally challenging, I was in a quandary as to what to do with him during those annual trips and during the occasional trips I would make back east to visit/help my mom.

When he was @ 10 mos old I discovered you, Cynthia, and All Good Dogs, and have never looked for anyone else to care for him during my annual trips or any other trips I've needed to make. Then, I decided to move @ 250 miles away.

As everyone knows, moving is one of the highest rated stressors and to do so with a farm full of animals, including my Shiloh, put it over the top, in my opinion. With all the other worries I've had on my plate during these past couple of years of life transitions, it so helped to not have to worry about him, but to know that he was HAPPY and healthy while I was "between homes" and going about the arduous tasks associated with moving and creating a new home!!

To say that your care of Shiloh, my "sweet little boy," your love and space and appreciation of my now two-year-old English shepherd, not only during moving, but during the other long-term vacations, has been a blessing beyond words and saying that it has been stress relieving would surely be an understatement.

I am so very grateful for your patience and flexibility during all of my schedule changes, as well.

Not only am I grateful for the care and the space and the opportunity for him to socialize and "be a dog," but having the opportunity to better understand who he is has continued to stay with me past the weeks he's spent with you. As he is a "slow maturing" working dog, there have been many a time when I've become frustrated with his teenager-like behavior, and during those times, it is your voice, your knowledgeable observations and your helpful comments on what a "sweet boy" he is that have helped me through those points of frustration. Those keen observations and helpful hints have helped me to see who he is and who I need to be to help him to mature into a respectful and confident dog.

Thank you says it all, but not enough and I would highly recommend your boarding/play day facility to ANY dog owner who considers their dogs part of their family, as I do.

Surely Shiloh and I, both, will miss the opportunity to "vacation" with you!!

hope you are well and happy!!!


Shiloh & friends

Shiloh & friends

Daisy at Practice

Daisy at Practice
Daisy always has fun!

After just one weekend in a cramped kennel, Daisy, our high-energy corgi mix, was nearly climbing the walls. What to do for a 3-week vacation? All Good Dogs Resort to the rescue!

Here were securely fenced, tree-covered grounds where Daisy could romp all day and not be stuck in some pen. We appreciated the requirement that she had to have an "interview" to show that she could mix comfortably with the other dogs. Since All Good Dogs requires that its guests are, yes, "all good dogs," we could relax on our vacation, knowing that aggressive dogs are simply not admitted.

Now Daisy has become a regular guest -- even for shorter stays. Every time we pull in the driveway, she can't wait to jump out of the car. Her permanent friends at the resort include three miniature goats, which she likes to herd (once to the point of driving them up onto a picnic table and circling them).

At last there is the perfect alternative to a kennel in southern Oregon, and we love it!

Hadley and Erna Nesbitt