If you do not vaccinate your pets, you may bring titer reports from your vet.



RABIES within 3 years

DHLP (Parvo) within 3 years

BORDATELLA (Kennel Cough) .
*Nose drops at least 48 hours before temperament interview or boarding
**Nose drops highly recommended for first time.
*Must be renewed yearly

SHOT RECORDS or RECEIPTS are required at check-in. (Please bring copies to the “Meet and Greet”, so we can keep them on file.)


We recommend AdvanTix or Frontline.

We cannot accept Flea Collars, as they have a tendency to become lost or chewed up.


Your dog should be wearing a flat collar with I.D. tag.
(Please, no choke or pinch collars.)

Note that a Boarding contract must be signed authorizing veterinary care.

My toy! My toy. Paws off!


Although there are exceptions to every rule, we can’t accomodate extremely small or extremely large dogs. Medium-sized dogs (spaniels, beagles) to large dogs (retrievers, collies) are ideal. (We are sorry, but we cannot accept purebred chows, akitas or any of the bull breeds.)

As a general rule, we ask that you please not bring toys when boarding your dog. They may be lost or damaged, or they may cause your dog to act more aggressive in an effort to ‘guard’ them. We have plenty of toys here already. Do, however, bring his own blanket, bed, towel, or something that smells like home to him.

Of course, it you think your dog may become anxious at being separated from you, or if it is his/her first time being boarded, you might bring him/her something to chew on. (We can provide raw, meaty bones for a small fee.)

Be kind and prevent accidental injuries to staff and other dogs--

Have their toenails clipped prior to boarding.

To maintain the peaceful, country atmosphere,
and to remain on good terms with our neighbors,
incessant barkers or fence-climbers
are not allowed.

Also we do not accept dogs under four months old,
females in heat, or un-neutered males over one year old.